Rivers Bend Airstrip, RBA for short, is a small dirt strip just off of the snow lands of Sansara. Nestled deep in a river cut canyon, this no facilities strip is run down, dirty, and looks to be falling apart.

Using a STOL bush plane, approach is best done at a wing clipping altitude just above the river itself before a slight kink to the right to hit the dirt field and throttle back hard. This is not for the faint hearted or inexperienced. Landing at RBA can best be described as "technical"

Due to it's proximity to the snow fed river that originates in Sansara's "Snowlands" fog is often a concern at RBA, settling into the small valley during the night to obscure the unlit field. (it has scripted fog) it quickly burns off once the sun rises, but there is usually a chill in the air except for the warmest of summer months.

What passes for facilities at Rivers Bend consists of three buildings. A small house that passes for the office, a rundown shed for cargo storage, and a small outhouse for desperate pilots. Inside the office is a couch for relaxing, a wood stove to keep warm, and a radio to make the time pass a little faster.

Fuel is unavailable at the moment, the truck is broken down and parts have been hard to come by. Empty tanks will remain empty unless one can cajole a fellow to spare a few gallons of avgas, sparing that a long walk is in order to the nearest gas station.

Even with these issues, Rivers Bend has three mooring points that are always in demand, the mad pilots that call RBA home know a good thing when they see it.