Royal air
Royal air

Royal Air is a virtual non-commercial airline in Second Life®. Royal Air serves the Second Life® Grid with early morning commuter travel and charter flights in the Blake Sea continent.


Royal Air was founded on the 6th of July, 2018 by Zippy Cortes, a veteran SL Businessman and entrepreneur. Zippy had a keen interest in SL Aviation and viewed the increasing number of airlines as a positive development in SL. Due to his time zone of being in Asia, Zippy noticed that morning services were few and far between for the SL commuter. As a result, Royal Air was set up to offer early morning services starting at 6:00 A.M SL time.

Scheduled FlightsEdit

06:00 SLT Angels International Airport (SLAN) to Second Norway Lufthavn (SLSN).

06:45 SLT Second Norway Lufthavn (SLSN) to Angels International Airport (SLAN).

07:30 SLT Angels International Airport (SLAN) to Flying Burrito Brothers Unity Airport (SLBB)

08:15 SLT Flying Burrito Brother Unity Airport (SLBB) to L'aeroport de la Plage (SLAP)

09:00 SLT L'aeroport de la Plage (SLAP) to Angels International Airport (SLAN)