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Rundlelawn Airfield (RLAF) was a single-runway, First World War themed public airfield located in the 'Rundlelawn' region of central Jeogeot.

Landing Advisories

  • Large wingspan aircraft advisory.
  • Combat permitted in this area, use caution.


Created in February 2015 by Niki Wilder of Wilder-Mills Aviation, Rundlelawn Airfield was a First World War themed airfield located on the Jeogeot Gulf coastline. Due to its close proximity to the nearby combat zone and its theme, the use of combat systems (WCS, VICE, MCE, TCS, etc.) was permitted in and around the airfield. As per its theme, the airfield is dotted with machine-gun nests, intermittent explosions, battlefield haze, and several observation balloons float above the airfield. 

Originally equipped with two intersecting packed earth runways, Rundlelawn was redesigned in March 2015 with a simplified layout consisting of a single 160m x 24m dirt runway (for a while layered with wooden planks). Alongside the runway, on its northern edge, are five rentable tie-down spaces, a hangar reserved for Wilder-Mills Aviation aircraft, and a dirt taxiway leads northwards to eleven rental hangars. South of the runway was a WW1 trench system which links Rundlelawn and the adjacent RAF Tarington airfield into one unified design. The airport closed in June 2015.


There are no longer scheduled services to and from Rundlelawn Airfield, as of June 2015.


Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Wilder-Mills Aviation showroom.
  • x12 hangars (x11 rental, x1 private).
  • x5 tie down spaces (rental).
  • Military roleplay facilities.


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