S&B Airway's (ICAO: SBA / IATA: SB / Call-Sign: SABA) is a non-commercial virtual airline in Second Life®. The airline was founded by the two owners Steph Facetus and Barbara 'Babsi' Beese in October 2015.


Founded was the S&B for fun flying in Second Life. S&B Airway's has direct flights, sightseeing flights, transfer to events and tours for explorer and discoverer. Stunt- or special flights are also available. Each passenger is treated as a VIP passenger. The fleet has luxuriously appointed aircraft and helicopters. Also sailboats and motorboats to reach remote places. The S&B Airways has a group for her passengers. The LOGO was designed by the great Artist and video producer Alexa Lazai.

New headquarters in S&B Airfield (SLLS) since December 2015.

Since January 2016 is the S&B Airways allied with the BULL AIR.

Destinations Edit

Airports served by S&B AirwaysEdit

Spezial destinationsEdit


Planes and Helicopters with luxurious interiors



  • Bandit 60 (Bandit)
  • Aquadiva (BERDAV®marine)

Flight rules for Passengers Edit

  • Passengers are requested to remove all unnecessary scripts and are reminded that the pilot is at liberty to refuse to transport any passengers - for any reason.
  • Passengers need detach AO. scripted hair, clothes with resizer scripts, jewelery with resizer scripts, any devices for flight or other type; mximum scripts: less 5
  • Passengers need revised your ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost); for that use this botton combination: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C. Need be less 500 (or in green colour)
  • Passengers follow the pilot instructions in cace of crash in the sea, and start the emergency protocol request to the coast guard services.

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