Established in 2015, SAREMSUK Refugio Station is a public mountain rescue station and airfield in the 'Refugio' region of central Sansara snowlands. It is operated by SAREMSUK (Search And Rescue Emergency Medical Services United Kingdom) and is available for use by any role play rescue Service groups operating in Second Life.


SAREMSUK Refugio Station was primarily created to provide mountain rescue in the Snowlands region of Sansara continent. However, due to it's central position, it can also provide easy access to many regions of the Sansara continent.

While not accessible to large wingspan aircraft, the station is equipped with a 100 x 16 m runway used by small aircraft and medical flights, and two public helipads. The station is also furnished of emergency room and medical examination room and a emergency vehicle bay ready to move anyone by road.

The Search and Rescue Emergency Medical Service is not a military or police group, but can help and assist anyone who may need help or rescue in Second Life, then transport them to a hospital or safe zone where role play medical assistance is available.


The staff in this station are:


The equipment in this station is:

  • 1x AW-139 SAR helicopter.
  • 1x H160 SAR Helicopter
  • 1x EC135 SAR Helicopter
  • 1x Pro Street XRescue ambulance.
  • 1x Pro Street Rescue1 vehicle.
  • 1x Pro Street Truck ambulance.
  • 1x Range Rover.
  • 1x Snowmobile.
  • 1x Quad.
  • x1 emergency and examination room with 1 surgical table.
  • x1 medical recovery area with 2 beds.
  • 2x helipads on airstrip + 2x helipads on main building roof.
  • various vehicles to help rescue or control a safe area for transportation of casualties.
  • Fuel: SA-KellyFuel, DSA, Dani Airplanes.
  • SARR Terminal and SARR ATC
  • GTFO for Small Vessels, Medium Vehicles, Helicopters and up to Medium Aircraft no bigger than a BAe 146.
  • A Fully equipped Hospital in the Lie sim in Sansara.


12th January 2020 SARR Fire Station and stretcher lift to Ambulance bay 001
12th January 2020 SARR Terminal and ATC 001
12th January 2020 SARR Extended Runway and Turning Area added. 002 (2)
11th January 2020 SARR Extended Runway and Turning Area added. 006
12th January 2020 SARR GTFO Area 001
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