SAR Zermatt Main Base (Rega SL) is an Alpine SAR Station in Mieto region, at the Sansara Snowlands.

Landing AdvisoriesEdit


  • Approaching HDG 360° from region Moritz at South is mandatory.
  • Minimum approach to 168m or 15m AGL (helideck altitude is 153m).


  • Departing HDG 180° to region Moritz at South is mandatory.
  • Flying over surrounding areas inside region Mieto is forbidden (private properties).
  • Region Moritz is a vast protected area (snow rezing zone and public roads, adjacent to Lake Zermatt and Wengen Infohub).



SAR Zermatt is a division of Rega SL, an Alpine Search And Rescue Group (for roleplay operations only) not affiliated to the Rega in RL. The name Rega comes from the German "Schweizerische Rettungsfluwacht" and the French "Garde aérienne suisse de sauvetage", also in Italian "Guardia aerea svizzera di soccorso". In March 2020, SAR Zermatt settled his Main Base at Mieto region, in immediations of Lake Zermatt and Wengen Infohub (the only Infohub inside the snowlands area) starting to operate in the North/North-West regions of the Snowlands, while Rega 16 operates in the East and the vast South area, sharing the Wengen, Voss, Obertsdorf and Ayas regions in their jurisdictions.

Key people: SilvinaWild Resident (Rega SL CEO), GracieLovely777 Resident (Rega SL CMO).

Facilities and servicesEdit

Pilots' facilitiesEdit

  • Rez/Build: Group only
  • Object Entry: Everyone
  • Autoreturn: No
  • Fuel: KellyFuel by Shergood.

General facilitiesEdit

  • Headquarters
  • Dressing Room
  • Operation Center


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