SLCG Station Discovery (DISC) is the main manned SL Coast Guard station in the Gaeta V continent of Second Life. It is situated in the southwest of the continent, near the Arimto Yuliman Airport, at region Bit Bat Bot.


SLCG Station Discovery (previously designated SLCG Substation BitBatBot) was refurbished and enlarged in May 2017 and has now a larger office building, a new boat hangar with helipad on the roof and docking areas (all reserved for SLCG). The traditional landmark at the entrance to the bay of Bit Bat Bot and Hanaji, the lighthouse on its rock, has been preserved.


The staff in this station is:

  • Commander Yalindra
  • five SLCG Team Members


The equipment in this station is:

  • 1x WPB 87 SLCG patrol cutter
  • 1x RB-M 45 SLCG patrol boat (in boat hangar)
  • 1x MLB 47 SLCG patrol boat (in boat hangar)
  • 1x Berdav Husky patrol craft (in boat hangar)
  • 1x T140 Interceptor fast craft (in boat hangar)
  • 1x HV-22B Osprey (based at nearby Arimto Airport)
  • Antenna dish for satellite communication.
  • Antenna dish for land based wireless communication.

General facilities