SLCG Station Sarcee

SLCG Station Sarcee (SRC)

  • Category: SL Coast Guard Station
  • Region: Sarcee.
  • Continent: middle Jeogeot.


Second Life Coast Guard Station Sarcee has one helipad and docking area of two berths for small boats at the southern side of the station. There is one cutter slip, occupied by the FRC Maria Andreau, named after the "Sentinel of Light":

Maria Mestre de los Dolores Andreu assumed the watch as the lighthouse keeper at the St. Augustine Lighthouse after her husband, Juan, passed away in 1859. With a yearly salary of $400 she not only became the first Hispanic-American woman to serve in the Coast Guard but also to command a federal shore installation." Read more here.

The back of the station features a replica of a memorial sign located in Gansbaai, south africa. It reminds of the victims of the HMS Birkenhead.

She was wrecked on 26 February 1852, while transporting troops to Algoa Bay at Danger Point near Gansbaai, 87 miles (140 kilometres) from Cape Town, South Africa. There were not enough serviceable lifeboats for all the passengers, and the soldiers famously stood firm on board, thereby allowing the women and children to board the boats safely and escape the sinking. Only 193 of the estimated 643 people on board survived, and the soldiers' chivalry gave rise to the unofficial 'women and children first' protocol when abandoning ship, while the 'Birkenhead drill' of Rudyard Kipling's poem came to describe courage in face of hopeless circumstances. (Source: Wikipedia)

Seaplane operation is possible by using the channel south of the station as no-wake taxi to our docks, landing east of the station in sim Kerfoot.

Fixed wings may take advantage of Frecolo Airport (SLFE) just across the channel in the south of the station.


The staff in this station is:


The equipment in this station is:

  • Docking and rezzing area for small and medium sized vessels,
  • Helipad for with plenty of room for up to large helicopters,
  • Observation deck for the western part of the Jeogeot Gulf in the lighthouse next to the stations main building,