SLCG Substation Smugglers Cove
  • SLCG Substation Hotei (CGHT) (previously designated SLCG Substation Smugglers Cove)
  • Category: emergency station base.
  • Region: Hotei.
  • Continent: north Sansara.


SLCG Substation Smugglers Cove was part of the now defunct Smugglers Cove Airport, had one helipad, docking area, and also hosted an SLCG Leadership Center and SLCG Medical Training Center.

When Smugglers Cove Airport was dismantled in 2015, the Coast Guard Substation was maintained, rebuilt and renamed SLGC Substation Hotei (CGHT).


The staff in this station is:


The equipment in this station is:

  • S&W MLB-47 patrol boat
  • sea dock w/ Public Rez Zone
  • 1x helipad