SLCS Search & Rescue
  • SLCS Search & Rescue Public Safety Dep (SLCS-FD)
  • Category: airport Fire Department.
  • Region: Venrigalli.
  • Continent: central Nautilus.


SLCS Search & Rescue Public Safety Dep is located at Cheerport Intermodal (ICAO: SLCS). As of October 2017, it had 2 dedicated helipads and direct access to SLCS airport's runways and facilities.


The staff in this station includes:

  • 1 Chief Fire Officer
  • 9 Firefighters
  • 1 fire trainer


The equipment in this station includes:

  • S&W NH-90 MFU (SLCS FD) helicopter
  • S&W Bell 212 SAR helicopter
  • HD Aerial 1 A-0105 ladder engine (SLCS FD livery)
  • HD Engine 1 E-0120 fire truck (SLCS FD livery)
  • HD ARFF Titanium 6000A aerial fire truck (SLCS FD livery)
  • PSC-Vanbulance 1.1