Aeriol JVMS SLR-SAR North Sea Base, Xobite (115, 34, 141) -

SLR-SAR JVMS Johann Vonlisteinstain Memorial Station is located on

CORSICA: in the Xobite sim. Designated as SLR2 

There is access for Small Planes, SeaPlanes, Cutter, Boat, and Helicopters.  

The Runway is "abrupt" and about 2 meters above sea level. Smaller helicopters use the short runway level while heavy lifters use the clearly marked pad at hangar level. 

A jet usable runway and airport-ish facility is at 220 meters, approach South to North. Visiting / Short Stay use upper runway for both arrivals and departures. Be vigilant on approach. 

Long-term hangar space is below and accessible by taxiing back to the South end of the runway, positioning your craft over the last (northern most) line of green lights and touching the runway which is also an access ramp. Be prepared to throttle up and taxi. The lower Hangar-Level runway is for departures only. Overhead clearance allows PBY-5A size craft to utilize the Hangar-Level and Runway but use caution and avoid early rotation upon departure....  

Other amenities are an EMS Urgent Care Center, Operations Center, ATC Tower, Briefing room, Conference Room and room for more. If you need an office or a barracks room speak up. 

This prime location spreads the majority of navigable SL out before you from West Corsica to Gaeta 5 to Nautilus, Blake Sea, and Satori.  

Attached to the main base is the JVMS Mess and Recreation area featuring a 24 Hour Buffet and nature park.  Swimming, Canoe rezzer, fire circles, meditation area and wildlife.