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SLXZ - Corsica Airstrip (Code: CAS , ICAO: SLXZ)

update: from 1. April 2017 is Airport closed

2 a public airfield in the 'Majipoor' region of southern Corsica. In close proximity to the Corsica mountains.

Landing Advisories

  • Landing info updated to June 2017: we need start the landing when we entrance in Majipoor sim to 90  meters, and with a  -20º inclination head to the middle of the runway.
  • CAUTION: a building with tower at the entrance of airport to 75 meters, and a big rock blocking the runway entrance.
  • CAUTION: some ban lines near the airport; see the below maps for a safe approach
  • Minimum approach to 90m


 Opened in june 2013,

 [1/6/2017- information is updated]


Currently, there are no scheduled services operating to or from SLXZ Heliport, however charter flights may be available on request. Contact airlines for details.

Facilities and services

Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Refuelling facilities (Dani).
  • Shops/vendors.
  • Access to the Circuit La Corse LDPW road network.
  • x1 helipad



creator and manager is one of the people in the background, The Bytegang (Prefabrica), which built and operated SLPG