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SL Air/Sea Mapping Authority (ASA) is a group for managing policy of Shergood air/sea map database, created for Kelly Shergood in 2015, with the idea of creating a committee where discussed issues related to map and monitor the proper use of the instruments delivered to cartographers for their work making landmarks on the map (airports or waypoints). To become part of this group need to contact Kelly Shergood and deliver a proposal for admission to the project you want to develop on the map (cartography, web development and liaison with SL, administrative work, etc.), and application for membership shall be voted by members of the group.


The map of Kelly's been a real revolution for all aviation users in Second Life, as previously only had maps created within the virtual world and without any possibility of almost immediate upgrade (Ananda Ghost took more than two months for update its maps, for example).

Kelly managed to link Second Life through a transponder (which must be wear the pilot as a HUD) which sends the position, speed, altitude and flight number to an external server, which uses Google maps (adapted the grid of Second Life) to view real-time aircraft and ships are using the transponder; it is also possible to view all airports marked on the map and get the information with only one click.