Sailors Cove Airfield Approach Map

Sailors Cove Airfield Approach Chart

Sailors Cove Airfield and Seaplane Base (ICAO: SLAB) is a public single runway island airfield and seaplane base. The aerodrome is located on the beautiful island of 'Grand Manan Island' and 'Swallow Tail' regions of the Sailor's Cove Estate - an independently operated group of sims in the eastern part of the Blake Sea, south of the Blake Channel.

Landing Advisories

  • Airstrip is largely unmarked and hidden by trees, pre-landing flyover is advised.
  • Airstrip is at 30m elevation. Minimum recommended approach, 50m.
  • Seaplane landing to the south at Bull Rock, marked by buoys.


Created circa 2008, and originally named Aurora Seaplane Base, Sailors Cove Field is an community airfield and seaplane base constructed around the 'Grand Manan Island' and 'Swallow Tail' regions of Sailor's Cove Estate. The seaplane base consists of a series of rental docks for seaplanes and boats, a small terminal building with a passenger waiting lounge, tie downs and hangers up on the field and a commercial port. There is a refuelling station for Dani, DSA, NTBI and TBM avgas and a stone and wood control tower.


The following list includes all scheduled services to and from Sailors Cove Field, as of November 2016. Other non-scheduled charter flights may be available on request. Please contact airlines for more information.

Facilities and services

Pilots' facilities

  •     Visual Approach Slope Glide Indicator (VASI)
  •     Airport beacon
  •     Public rez zone
  •     x1 public helipad
  •     Dani, DSA, NTBI and TBM aviation fuel depot
  •     Seaplane landing area
  •     LandMaster Scoring

ILS Data 

General facilities

  • Boat docks and harbor facilities
  • GTFO at main wharf and at airfield (pending)
  •     Small terminal
  •     x2 Hanger rentals (L$450 per week for 150LI)
  •     x6 Tie Down rentals (L$250 per week for 75LI)
  •     x8 Seaplane Slip rentals  (L$450 per week for 150LI)
  •     x4 Seaplane Slip rentals  (L$300 per week for 100LI)
    •     Rentals are for small, appropriately-sized aircraft and boats only.



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