History_Icon.png This is a historic article about an Military Base which no longer exists or has been replaced. History_Icon.png

Salon-de-Provence Air Base (French: Base aérienne 701 Salon-de-Provence or BA 701) is a single-runway military airfield located in the 'BA 701' region, an isolated sim unconnected to any landmass.

Landing Advisories

  • Pilots can only fly to other locations in the 'BA 701' region from this location.


Home to the Patrouille de France Second Life aerobatics team, the facility is modelled after the real-life Salon-de-Provence Air Base. BA 701 is equipped with a single 275m x 38m runway 09-27 (located along the southern edge of the region), along with ten tie-down spaces, a war memorial and a large reconstruction of the airfield's iconic building.

Facilities and services

Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • x10 private tie-down spaces.
  • War memorial.