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Second Life Airlines

Learn more about Second Life's many role-play airline companies.

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Second Life Aircraft

Check out the wide range of aircraft available in Second Life.

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Air traffic control

Discover more about the ATC system in Second Life.

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Passengers of Second Life

Need a flight? Need passengers? Check out the 'Passengers of SL' group in-world.

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NOTICE : I am Ananda Ghost, administrator of this wiki; for a long time this wiki has not been updated by me, and I would like to thank to all the people who have collaborated to keep all the information up to date; this year 2020 I will try to get back to work and update the wiki and put more content; thank you for your patience. Best regards.


The Second Life Aviation Wiki is a resource of everything related to aviation in the virtual world of Second Life®. Chronicling every virtual airport, aircraft, and airline, we are compiling information on the history of the Second Life aviation community. We are currently editing over 1,442 articles, and you can help!

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A big thank-you is owed to Zack84 Burton (Fox of Doom) for his tireless work on the Second Life Airport Information Guide (actually, your information page is closed, and we need contact with Zack for if he has a new link, but you can see your photos in Flickr). Throughout its life, the guide has been an invaluable resource to Second Life aviation enthusiasts and without it this project would not have been possible.


You can see here the mainland continents of Second Life to explore the wealth of active airports on offer. This Map is Accurate as of April 2021, with the main Linden continents and other private mainlands Second Life is still massively growing.

Refresh this page to see more clips or check out the SL aviation video collection in the Video Library.


For more beautiful Second Life aviation photography check out the Second Life Aviation Flickr group.