SLR SAR Logo Texture

SLR-SAR is an open group of SAR, EMS and Firefighter RP folks. Membership is free. Our Bases and Stations are on every major continent except Zindra and are public build, no auto return.

Alma Vonlisteinstain is our Director of Training and is constantly looking for new and exciting ways to dangle members from a helicopter, set them on fire or drown them. I jest. No pixels have been harmed in any SLR-SAR training scenarios.

Come see what all the fuss is about. We have no "rank and file" no marching, yelling, reports to write, or tests to take. Just come have fun and if you like it, stick around. If you decide you want to outfit yourself with a helicopter, flight suit and helmet or other gear feel free. If you like a certain area and want to take over our base or station there and do regular patrols, have at it.

Our locations all have decent to great access to navigable SL both air and water. Please use them.



JVMS SLR-SAR   Johan VonListeinstain Memorial Station (SLR2) 

Plane, All SeaPlanes, Cutter, Boat, Heli Access, EMS Urgent Care Center


JVMS Mess and Recreation

24 Hour Buffet and nature park.  Swimming, Canoe rezzer, fire circles, meditation area and wildlife



Corsica West Patrol Base  -  Gulf of Moles (SLR1)

Cutter, Boat, Heli, Plane, Small Seaplane Access



CSPB SLR-SAR   Central  Sansara Patrol Base (SLR3)  

Planes, SeaPlane, Heli, Cutter, Boat  Access  Skydiving, Underwater Rescue, EMS Urgent Care Center

and (----  One TP Pad Equipped Landing Zone for both areas  ----)

VTTC  Vertical Terrain Training Center    SLR-SAR  

Heli, Road Vehicle Access

Cliff face, Crevice, Burn Tower, Rappelling ledge, Fast Rope area. 


SHCS SLR-SAR Sansara High Country Station

Heli, Road, Bush Plane on road or adjacent snow field if you dare.

On-Base Housing, Offices, Stable, EMS Urgent Care



G5PS Gaeta 5 Patrol Station SLR-SAR

Boat Small SeaPlane, Heli Access




Heterocera Patrol Station

Cutter, Boat, Heli, Small SeaPlane Access



Blue Tower SLR-SAR

Public Relations, Acquisition and Construction offices

Rienda's Sky Gallery, private SLR-SAR Member residences. 

Heli, small planes and Road Vehicle Access




Central Nautilus Patrol Station

Boat, Heli, Small Seaplane



North Blake Patrol Station

Boat, Heli, Small Seaplane




Satori Little Sea Station (SLR4)

Plane, Heli, Boat Access (Sandbar on protected land and a sim line negates sailboat launches here.  Power boats can skitter over it)