Seneca Air is a virtual commercial airline in Second Life®. The airline serves the residents, and visitors of Blake Sea, Nautilus, and their surrounding areas. Providing tour services, as well as commuter flights between regional airports, Seneca Air utilizes both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. In addition, Seneca Air owns a subsidiary company, Gridwide Parcel Service (GPS), which specializes in cargo, and parcel shipping role-play services.


Founded in March 2015, Seneca Air was born from a group of long time pilots in Second Life® who wanted to do something more than randomly fly around with no purpose. After watching the demand for professional airlines increase, these pilots decided to form Seneca Air. Wanting to provide more than just a simple charter flight company, Seneca Air Directors decided to provide commercial flights between regional airports as well. Seneca Air models its ticket pricing system after many other airlines in Second Life®, utilizing the "no fee, tips appreciated" flight prices.

Current Destinations

Airports in Second Life® served by Seneca Air include:

The airline also serves other destinations by request and are continuously expanding their flight area.


As of March 2015, the Seneca Air fleet includes the following aircraft:


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