Sharp Airways, P.L.C was founded in May 2016 by three like minded brothers. Sharp Airways are a diverse and friendly team with ample planning, experienced air crew and also teach and educate their own staff.

Sharp Airways is based in Second Norway, Lufthavn (SNO) with its main office and check-in desk located in Terminal A. It travels around the Blake Sea to a set number of destinations as well as the ability to phone in using their NBS NorPhone to customize and request destinations. Once a request has been made, the Operations Executive will then begin planning the journey ahead of time.


As of May 2016, Airports in Second Life® served by Sharp Airways include:

Blake Sea

East River


As of May 2016, the Sharp Airways fleet includes the following aircraft:


As of May 2016, Sharp Airways provides traditional flights from airport to airport and is able to make stops and visit several airports. Long Haul flights are also available, utilizing their 737 Aircraft and its twin 'Skrek Aviation' engines.

Sharp Airways is looking to offer additional services to its customers (not limited to), pick-up and drop-off to Mainland housing and accommodation and medical repatriation between airports. Sharp Airways also operates its own Ground Crew at this time too.