The Sikorsky S-92 (ICAO: S92 / WAKE: MEDIUM) is a thirteen-seat medium lift helicopter. Created in Second Life by Shergood Aviation, the helicopter was loosely based on the real-life Sikorsky S-92 produced by the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.


This virtual S-92 executive/VIP edition is a reproduction of the Sikorsky S-92. The S-92 is medium-lift helicopter with a max gross weight of 26,500 pounds powered by twin turbine engines. In the VIP configuration here it will carry three crew (pilot, copilot and flight attendant) and ten passengers. The S-92 has currently been selected to be the next Marine One helicopter for transport of the U.S. President.

The SA-FE (Shergood Aviation Flight Engine) engine driving this virtual reproduction was created by an RL helicopter pilot and designed to fly like an RL helicopter. The engine is purely physics based and features independent control of cyclic, collective, throttle and anti-torque pedals enabling true power-off autorotations.


  • Working glass cockpit with five independently selectable MFDs
  • OnBoard system lets passengers walk around and change seats in flight.
  • SA-FE (Shergood Aviation Flight Engine) scripting with:
  • Independent cyclic, collective, throttle and anti-torque controls
  • Force/torque based physics model
  • Realism features can be enabled or disabled to adjust level of difficulty.
  • Weight dependent performance (fuel and passengers)
  • Main rotor torque (pedals must be used to compensate)
  • Independent engine and rotor RPM
  • True power-off autorotations
  • Ground effect increases lift near surfaces (land, water, or prim)
  • Translational lift increases lift with forward airspeed
  • Translating tendency results in a "left skid low" look during hover.
  • Vortex ring state danger exists when helicopter is mishandled
  • Working electrical system with rechargeable battery.
  • Exterior lighting (instrumentation, navigation, landing, and taxi lights).
  • Refuelling system with fuel quantity control
  • Realistic sounds from an actual Sikorsky S-92 helicopter
  • Fully functioning dual controls.
  • Paint kit system for user customizable painting.
  • Unique N-number and serial number assigned to each aircraft.
  • HOBBS meter tracks total time on aircraft.
  • Access control system: owner only, guest or registered pilots.
  • Passenger control - enable/disable access to passenger seats
  • Dust/water particle effects when hovering near a surface.
  • Many opening doors and panels with click-able components.
  • Simulated damage (collision).

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