Sinaburoe Airport is a small public airport located in Sinaburoe region, in northern Jeogeot.

Landing AdvisoriesEdit

  • Single runway.
  • 500m altitude.
  • Approach from east/west.


Built in January 2017, this is a small airport in the sky with a vintage 1930's/40's theme, based very loosely on long-ago visits to abandoned WWII sites near Darwin. The airport features a 192m long by 27m wide asphalt runway with some surrounding phantom palms. Tea is available in a small garden, and there is also a bar in the hangar for the thirsty traveller. Restroom facilities are available, as well as overnight boarding for 10c a night for the intrepid traveller.


  • Rezzing is enabled with a 5 minute return time.
  • Helicopter pad.
  • Teleporter to shopping and ground level gardens for those who wish to break their travel.
  • Refreshments available.
  • Overnight accomodation with fairly clean mattresses.
  • Hot baths. Sort of.
  • Clean toilets. Actually not really clean as such.

Paint kitsEdit

  • You can find grungy aged versions of the DSA Staggerwing in the hangar. These are a range of Fallout4-inspired rusty retextures to give the Staggerwing some extra character.
  • More are scheduled as time permits.