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Smugglers Public Airport (ICAO: SLSX) was a public airport in the 'Nebo' region of south-western Corsica. The airport moved briefly to the 'Jingbo' region before being abandoned.

Landing Advisories

  • Large wingspan advisory - Narrow, short runway.


Small, tropical themed airport with a runway constructed of wood planks. Airport is surrounded by lush jungle and housing on all sides making approach a bit tricky unless you are familiar with the location. Pre-landing flyover may be advised. Rental huts on location at reasonable rates.

Originally located in the 'Nebo' region, in early 2014 Smugglers moved four sims north to 'Jingbo' and was renamed 'Smugglers Atoll'. The new site, was designed to resemble a beached aircraft carrier overrun with tropical island flora. The runway had been restored to operating condition and there was a small bar on the lower level of the ship's bow. This redesign was short lived however, and the site was abandoned by February of 2014.


At its height, there were no scheduled services operating to or from Smugglers Public Airport, however charter flights may have been available on request.

Facilities and services

Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Military facilities
  • Shops/vendors
  • Rental hangars
  • Harbor