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Sophi Moore Charter Services (SMCS) was a virtual non-profit airline in Second Life®. The airline served the Second Life® Grid with commuter travel between all major airports within the Blake Sea-Nautilus-Satori routes and further afield.


SMCS offered a combination of free (tips are appreciated) services - charter flights between any major airport on the Second Life mainland, Blake Sea helicopter sightseeing tours, aerobatic flights from Hollywood Airport, and daily shuttle services between Second Norway, Hollywood, Antilaghi, and New Horizons Airports. Customers were urged to visit the company website or one of their locations in-world to book a flight. On June 30th 2015, airline management issued a press statement which confirmed that the airline had been bought by Vulture Air and would be merged with it's air division effective July 1st 2015.[1]


Sophi Moore Charter Services, SLNH (01-14)

Sophi Moore Charter Services offices at New Horizons Airport (SLNH), January 29th 2014.

Airports in Second Life® served by Sophi Moore Charter Services included:

Discontinued Destinations


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