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St Diabloux Municipal Airport (ICAO: SLSX) was a public airport located in the 'St Diabloux' coastal region of north-eastern Satori.

Landing Advisories

  • All runways located at 48m. Minimum recommended approach at 60m.


Following the closure of Blake Sea & Claremont Airports in August 2014, the 'St Diabloux' region fell into a period of disuse until it was reacquired for aviation usage in February 2015. The resulting airport was named St Diabloux Municipal Airport.

The facility was equipped with a primary east/west runway (130m x 10m) and a secondary north/south landing surface, which connected with a runway owned by the adjacent MCAS Chase Field. The airport was flanked on its east and south sides with sixteen rental hangars, a mid-sized terminal building and an ATC tower. In the center of the aerodrome were several tie-down spaces for rent and a freight elevator on the eastern edge of the airport led to a marina with nine rental docks.

During its four months of operation, the site grew in complexity, adding and removing several buildings including an enormous twenty-floor residential tower building. In the middle of May 2015, it was announced that St Diabloux Municipal, along with other properties owned by RamblinRick Burns, would be closed on the 22nd of May.


As of February 2015, there are no scheduled services operating to or from St Diabloux Municipal Airport, however charter flights may be available on request. Please contact airlines for more information.

Facilities and services

Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Terminal building (unoccupied).
  • ATC tower.
  • x16 small rental hangars (with helipads).
  • x8 rental tie-down spaces.
  • Emergency fire and rescue facilities.
  • Residential apartment block.
  • Marina with rental docks.