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Star Fish Lake Regional Airport (ICAO: SLSF or SFR) was a regional public airport spread across four regions in the north-east of Nautilus. The majority of the airport was located in the 'Flounder' region with additional facilities in adjacent regions.

Landing Advisories

  • Airport constructed on platform above surface level.
  • Runway allows for takeoff/landing from either north or south! Verify no conflicting traffic via map before final approach.
  • Approach and departure to/from south over the top of an airport building. Roof at 64m, minimum recommended clearance at 70m.


Hired to build the airport, the Decosta Custom Builders began the first phase of construction on 22nd March 2014. The airport gradually took shape, with construction work being completed by mid-April 2014. Located to the north-east of Nautilus' Big Fish and Star Fish lakes, SLSF had direct access to Corsica in the north, Gaeta V to the north-east, and Satori and Blake Sea to the south. The airport also provided access to the Route 12 motorway constructed by the Linden Department of Public Works.

A mid-sized, modern themed airport, SLSF was initially a dual-runway facility before being scaled back to a single runway design shortly after opening. Along the west edge of the region there was a two-floor terminal building with two jet bridges, several check-in desks, baggage reclaim area, lounge areas and office space. On the north corner there was a large cylindrical ATC tower, refuelling station, and emergency facilities. Six rentable hangars of varying sizes were clustered along the eastern perimeter of the facility in the adjoining Stingray region. Underneath the airport ran a monorail system connecting the terminal building to a small, enclosed harbour to the south.

On July 10th 2014 airport management announced the immanent closure of the facility to allow for an improved airport. The presence of ban lines in the airport's vicinity was cited as a major factor in the decision. Management (Flight Level Enterprises) reassured aviators that a replacement airport would be operational shortly; a private sim region with mainland extension.


SLSF Terminal Interior, looking SW (06-14)

Terminal interior and check-in desks (July 2014).

There are no longer scheduled services to and from Star Fish Lake Regional Airport, as of July 2014.

Facilities and services

SLSF Terminal Building, looking SW (06-14)

Terminal building exterior, looking south-west (July 2014).

Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Rental hangars.
  • Lounge/waiting areas.
  • Shops/vendors.
  • Harbour.
  • Internal monorail system.
  • Access to the Route 12 LDPW motorway.