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Sunny Airlines is a virtual airline in Second Life®. The airline serves the Second Life® Grid with commuter travel between regional airports on all the major continents.


Based at Sunny Airfield in the Lenimov region of Gaeta V, Sunny Airlines was staffed by real-life aviation professionals. In addition to their head office in Lenimov, the airline maintained a presence in Second Norway Lufthavn, Grenadier Marina & Airport and New Horizons Airport.

Sunny Airlines flew all days to Second Norway, Saint Martin, Hollywood, Grenadier, New Horizons, Baitoushan and Waypoint Airports. They also flew from Abbots Airport to Twin Tower Airport and operate on the continent of Jeogeot.

A commercial airline, fares were priced at L$20 (Blake Sea until Satori & Nautilus continents), L$30 (intercontinental flights to Baitoushan and Wayport Airport) and L$30 (Abbots to Twin Towers Airport), respectively. Additionally, Sunny Airlines also operated a Civilian Pilots Academy from their base of operations in Lenimov.


Airports in Second Life® served by Sunny Airlines include:


As of January 2014, the Sunny Airlines fleet includes the following aircraft: