Talakin Airport (ICAOSLTA) is a single-runway public airport located on the northern coast of Satori in the 'Talakin' region. Talakin Airport is home to Tegatti Engineering.

Landing Advisories

  • Runway suspended at 68m over surface on a narrow, bridge-like structure. Minimum recommended approach 72m.
  • Turning space may be limited in some places due to a large number of display vehicles on site.


Built by Tegatti Engineering for the purpose of serving their vehicle showrooms, Talakin Airport is built into the side of a tall coastal cliff overlooking the boatyard and harbour below. The airport's single 116m x 15m runway is built on a narrow, bridge-like structure, ending with a small terminal building, refuelling station and parking apron. Directly underneath the southern apron is a hospital building with medical role-play facilities and a public helipad.


The following list includes all scheduled services to and from Talakin Airport, as of August 2015. Other non-scheduled charter flights may be available on request. Please contact airlines for more information.

Facilities and services

Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Tegatti Engineering vendors.
  • Small terminal building with:
    • x2 public gates.
    • Passenger waiting lounge.
    • Vendors.
    • ATC tower.
  • Harbour & beach.
  • Hospital building.