Making a template

This article is about the templates for use how base when we create a new article ...

TIPS: you can see other airports/aircrafts/airlines pages for see how put the information in your own page, and copy the template open first the font edit box, and when copy, go to your own page and paste into your own font edit box (if you, at this moment, don´t know how create a page, go to top page, to right, contributions, create a page, and that´s it).

When the airport/airline closed (or sale and production of an aircraft is canceled), we need add some templates for indicate that, at the top of the page and down the page, replacing some categories ...

We never must delete a page (only the administrators can make that); the articles are a reference for the airports/airlines/aircrafts owners work along the lasts years.

The texture of the map for put in the templates... You can use two types, the old texture (with only the main continents) and a new texture with the adition of the rest of continents (a continent is a group of more than 30 sims), how Gaeta I, Zindra, Sharp, Eden or Estate, and there are some continents more (read more here).

You can download the selected texture and edit in you computer puting a red point in the area where you have the airport, rename wiht the airport name (example: Crisantemus_Aerodrome_June_2016), and upload to the page when create it.

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