The Terra-Kojima Merlin-class airship was a joint project of Reitsuki Kojima and Cubey Terra. Over a year in development, 90% sculpted prims and 55 meters in length, the Merlin-class is one of the largest airships in Second Life.


"In this new world of lighter-than-air aviation, in which one navigates the clouds as easily as a steamship plies the waves, the Merlin-class airship will make you master of not only the sky, but also the sea. Fly kilometers into the sky between mountain tops and clouds, or skim the ocean to hunt ironclad ships with your potent array of torpedoes.

Through the advances in modern mechanicals and automation, the Merlin-class cutter airship may be crewed by a single individual; however, in the unfortunate event of an engagement with an enemy, you may wish to call upon the assistance of up to two gunners, with a third individual as lookout, for a total of four crew including yourself."


  • Airship can carry up to four persons: a pilot, two gunners, and one passenger. Users can choose who can be the pilot. Set the access lock to “anyone”, “group”, or “owner”.
  • The Merlin's HUD comes in the form of a durable brass-and-wood control panel.
  • Equipped with four torpedoes and a port and starboard cannon, the Merlin is fitted with the Ironclad Combat System (ICS) by Kandace Commons. This standard combat system uses physical ordinance and damage tracking without requiring damage-enabled land. Weapons can be fired with or without a crew.
  • The Merlin is customizable with the ability to select from several colours or paint the hull and the fins separately. Pilots can also customize their airship with a nation flag (both modern and 19th century flags). Flag textures can also be applied from the inventory.
  • Aircraft also comes equipped with an autopilot system. Routes can be planned by adding route waypoints to a notecard.