The Terra-Kojima Starling is a two-seat ultralight released by Terra Aeronautics. It was designed by Reitsuki Kojima and powered by the flight scripts of Cubey Terra.


Like real-world ultralight aircraft, the Starling is light and has forgiving flight characteristics. Gentle turns and slow cruise speed makes this plane very approachable for novice virtual pilots. The Starling follows the classic ultralight designs of the 80s — its open metal frame is topped with a hang-glider style wing, and the HUD panel features retro-style LED readouts and flip switches.


  • Two seats.
  • Pilot can give control to the passenger in flight.
  • Paintable Choose from several preset colors and textures, or use your own.
  • Includes a HUD attachment with:
    • LED-style readouts for throttle, speed, and altitude
    • Dial readouts for engine temperature and fuel
    • Engine on/off switch
    • Acrobatic smoke on/off switch
    • Buttons for options menu and control-swap
  • Includes a “painter” HUD attachment for customizing the plane’s colors and texture.
  • Advanced flight model — easy to fly with a realistic feel.
  • Permissions: no-mod, copy, no-transfer