The Terra CTH-100M was a light utility helicopter manufactured by Terra Aeronautics. The second in Terra's line of helicopters, the CTH-100M is essentially a marine variant of the original CTH-100, equipped with pontoons (landing floats).


After four years of constructing aircraft, Terra Aeronautics turned their attention to constructing helicopters in 2007. Instead of using the nearly ubiquitous (at the time) “mouse-look steering”, in which the pilot mouse steers their aircraft in first-person mode, Terra opted for keyboard controls — controls that are familiar to anyone in SL as normal avatar flight controls. This resulted in an aircraft which more closely approximated the flight physics of a real helicopter. The CTH-100M came equipped with twin pontoons, the ability to let any avatar fly it, an owner/group lock, a paint menu, and a decal-changer.


  • Includes a heads-up display (HUD) attachment with throttle, speed, and altitude instruments, engine on/off switch, and "options" menu.
  • Owner/group lock.
  • Custom paint: Paint script lets users pick two colors and a decal.