The Terra DS3 (short for: Terra Drop Ship 3) was a futuristic, twin-hulled, seven-seat skydiving transport aircraft manufactured by Terra Aeronautics.


Released in August 2005, the Terra DS3 was an upgrade of Terra Aeronautics' original 2004 drop ship. Constructed using standard prims, the DS3 had a slightly redesigned model with the pilot situated in a centrally-located cockpit instead of the left-hand pod - effectively doubling the drop ship's passenger capacity. The aircraft was primarily designed to complement Terra's range of skydiving equipment.


  • x2 throttle modes (variable throttle and toggle throttle).
  • Rapid ascent/descent modes.
  • Animated components (landing gear, canopy, jump doors).
  • Optional vehicle locator beacon.
  • Optional canopy transparency.
  • x2 pre-loaded liveries (black and white).