The Terra Wind Rider was the first of two original hot air balloons manufactured by Terra Aeronautics.


Introduced in October 2006, the Wind Rider was constructed using basic prims. The balloon consisted of a roughly spherical gas bag, attached to a cylindrical pilot's basket. Mounted above the basket was the "burner", which injected an animated flame into the envelope. As its name suggests, the aircraft was designed to take advantage of Second Life's simulated wind system; with its travel direction determined by the wind and its altitude adjusted by the pilot's use of the burner and air vents. However, if desired, users could override the wind and set their own course. Although the Wind Rider was effectively replaced by the introduction of the sculpted prim Terra Cirrus in May 2009, the balloon received an update in April 2009 which streamlined the vehicle's heads-up display and added several features from the Cirrus (notably an automated tour/auto-pilot mode).


  • Pilot's heads-up display (HUD).
  • Simulated wind system drift.
  • Animated components (burner).
  • Optional automated tour/auto-pilot mode.
  • Access modes (owner-only/group-only/anyone).