The Pilots' Lounge was founded in November 2015 by MrJules and Barb Sixpence. It is a discussion based group which aims to appeal to rookie and experienced pilots alike.

Our guiding principles are that all members are important and are expected to treat others the way they would like to be treated and trolling will not be tolerated. Everyone's opinion is valid regardless of their status in the aviation community. To this end all members will be given the same title in the group.

Most importantly we are here for the love of flying and not to engage in power play.

To join The Pilots' Lounge users are encouraged to look up  the group with search or paste the following URL into their local chat and click the  link:



The logo of the Pilots' Lounge,

The SL Birthday celebration may be over for another year, but we would still love to see your aviation photos. Come and check out our Flickr group where photos that tell a story are especially welcome.