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Tico Tico Company

(ICAO: TTC / IATA: TT / Call-sign: Tico Tico)

Tico Tico Company is a Second Life® virtual


We built at beginning of march 2018 a nice Airport,

little but nice

was very nice to build it (ty Bolera, you great)

so we decided to found our Company airlines

so here it is...


President : Maury Rau Maury Rau

Vice President : Bolera Bolera Rau

Staff office and heaquarter

Blake Diego (213,40,25)

Where we are

We hare hosted at

and we thank Maury and Bolera that make us a nice terminal and a private space on private land near landing runway

Our business

  • Fly and know new Airports
  • Delivery with GTFO mission
  • Make our airport always better

Air/Marine Destinations

Some of the Airports in Second Life® served by Tico Tico Company:

Helypad owners home

Blake Diego


we have many planes in our company, with different livery

that meets our contractor needs

  • B737 TTC
  • B737 Alitalia
  • B737 Lufthansa
  • B737 Nasa
  • C-130 GTFO
  • BAE Alitalia
  • Dragonfly (personal paint)
  • Dragonfly ORCA
  • D-Arrow Alitalia
  • D-Arrov Taxy
  • D-Arrow Nasa

We have also different hely :

  • AS365 for police service
  • EC-135 Ambulance
  • EC-135 SWAT
  • BELL 212 Rescue
  • BELL 212 GTFO

Landing Advisories

  • Elevation advisory: Airport runway elevation 31m (11m above sea level). Minimum recommend approach at 41m.
  • High volume traffic advisory: Periods of high aircraft traffic of various kinds occur throughout the day. Check the region before approaching when possible.


First phase construction

Founded in early March 2018 was developed with own terminal and space to park on private annexe

Second phase ampliaments

now doing our place to park and a good terminal

Third phase ampliaments

Private ParkingI

Bought and builded a private parking place for Tico Tico company airplanes with access from NCA Airport facilities

Facilities and services

Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Large terminal building (Terminal A) with:
    • 3 eprom and 2 public helypad ]]).
    • Passengers waiting area
  • Large terminal building (Terminal Tico Tico Company ) with:
    • x2 private gates with jetbridge
    • Passengers waiting area
  • Cargo terminal with pushback system.
  • GTFO Hub for planes (not for Seaplanes or boats)
  • Ground services.
  • Fuel pumps
  • x2 rental hangars with office and helypad
  • x1 Eprom for medium planes
  • Service car parking.
  • Ambulance service
  • Follow me car

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