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The landing zone, commonly called Touchdown Zone (TDZ in acronym) is the contact area of the landing gear of the plane with the runway; Is found once we pass the threshold of the runway, just in front of the marking numbers. In the real world has a length of almost 1000 meters according to the type of runway, and this is where we start to slow down the airplane by activating the air brake.

TDZ area.png

In the image on the right you can see the runway section indicating the sections it has: a first section with three parallel lines to the sides that indicates the end of the descent and the beginning of the area of contact with the runway; then two large white lines indicating the TDZ, to finally pass to two zones with two and one parallel lines indicating the end of the landing zone and the beginning of the braking area.

EGPF V3-3 RWY 23.jpg

The approach and identification lights of the TDZ area are also important, so we can see in the photo on the left the layout of the same: the first ones we find are the approach and glide path lights, the horizontal strip of lights green that indicates the threshold, giving way to the TDZ zone; at the height of the strip of green lights you can see the VASI or PAPIS, which indicate if the descent altitude is correct.

Snap 2017-06-23 at 00.06.03.png

In Second Life almost nobody indicates these marks in the runway, and since the length of these is very short (from 50 to 200 meters), what matters in principle is not to leave the runway and brake to time; there are very few airports that give importance to these brands, although lovers of modeling and the accuracy of an airport model, give life to all these details, setting the example of Second Norway airport, with seven regions dedicated exclusively to airport and a few more to the harbour area.

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