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Tropical North Field (ICAO: SLTN) was a public single-runway coastal airfield in the 'Marinet' region of northern/central Corsica.

Landing Advisories

  • None reported...


"With only meager facilities, it is the perfect spot to set down for refueling or take a small break in a balmy and relaxing setting."
Carly, Owner of Tropical North Field.

Located towards the north of central Corsica, Tropical North Field is equipped with a two grass runways arranged in a cross-shape - 09-27 (160m x 20m) and 18-36 (175m x 25m). Both approaches (from the south and from the west) are over water and runway thresholds are flanked by wooden docks for mooring watercraft and seaplanes. To the east of the runways are refueling facilities, a helipad and a large private hangar building with integrated control tower. In the south-east corner of the aerodrome are several additional buildings - two grocer stalls, a fishing bait shop, a café and a hotel.


Traffic into and out of Tropical North is limited to non-organized, not for profit, general aviation only.

Facilities and services

Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Hangar building with ATC tower.
  • Marine vehicle docks.