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Tropics Airways is a virtual non-commercial airline and charter company in Second Life®. The business serves the Second Life® Grid with universal charter and regular flights between regional airports across all the major mainland continents.


"Tropics Airways is here to serve everyone - especially those with a thirst for a little adventure! We cover the entire grid, even those off the beaten path places, the short jungle runways and abandoned islands."
― Daphne, Owner of Tropics Airways.

Formed in late 2014, Tropics Airways is a grid-wide scheduled/charter service with a particular emphasis on unique and challenging destinations. Prospective passengers are asked to message MaddyP or the owner Daphne in-world to book a flight or hop on one of their scheduled flights announced in the Passengers of SL group. All flights are free of charge (although tips are warmly accepted).

Travel Partners

Tropics Airways flies alongside the following associate airlines:


As of November 2014, airports served by Tropics Airways include:

  • Placeholder
  • Mystic Wolf Airport


As of November 2014, the Tropics Airways fleet includes the following aircraft:

  • Placeholder