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RAF Tsurington Aerodrome (ICAO: SLTS) is a small public airfield located in the 'Tsurington' region of southern Nautilus, immediately north-west of Nautilus City. The facility is a themed Post War Era Aerodrome designed exclusively for light propeller aircraft.

Landing Advisories

  • Non-Conventional runway material. Runway composed of concrete sectional blocks. Runway marked and Distance markers are lit.
  • Visual approach slope indicator or Tri-Coloured VASI in use Amber=Too High, Green=Correct Path, Red=Too Low.
  • Length 630ft X 65ft Width (192m X 20m) with additional 39ft (12m) clearance each side of marked runway.
  • Runway Elevation 131ft (40m) or 65ft (20m) above Sea level.
  • Runway Approach Bearing 280° @ 227m S-N, Take-off Bearing 10°
  • Originally designed in the 1930s & exclusively for light prop engined aircraft to a maximum size similar to the DC-3 or C-47, the modernisation of the runway during the 1960s to concrete, further allowed the use of light jet engined aircraft.


RAF Tsurington Station Badge

RAF Tsurington

RAF Tsurington is a themed Post War Era Aerodrome designed exclusively for light prop aircraft. Although jets are not allowed at any time, helicopters may stop temporarily to refuel at the Aerodrome. It’s a good place to refuel or take a time out to relax on the observation terrace after sampling a cocktail in the Lemon Drop Martini Lounge Bar during your travels over south of Nautilus.

Originally designed for light prop aircraft only during the 1930s era, with a criss-crossing layout (runway 09 for take-off and 27 for landing, with the shorter runway 11 / 29 only for emergency use), the airfield's runways were rebuilt in the 1960s with a new single 192m x 20m concrete runway design, making it now suitable for light jet engined aircraft also.


  • 112 Squadron RAF ('The Shark Squadron')
    112 Squadron RAF Insignia alpha

    112 Squadron RAF 'The Shark Squadron'

  • HM Coastguard RAF Tsurington Division operated by gridnet™ Consortium

Official Resident Airlines

Operating from its main terminal you will find the airports residential airline operators who offer passengers a regular classic travel service across the continents adjoining Nautilus region. One of the main contracted operator services is the subsidiary company of gridnet™ airways known as YELLOW AIR TAXI who are offering a business style Air Taxi Shuttle service to any sized & accessible airport from RAF Tsurington Aerodrome, these airline operators listed below are the only official airlines currently offering a regular service from the airport.

Un-Official non-resident Airlines

The following list includes all non-scheduled services to and from Tsurington Aerodrome, as of June 2016. Other non-scheduled charter flights may be available on request. Please contact airlines for more information.

Facilities and services

Tsurington Aerodrome (by Sidd Studio)

Tsurington Aerodrome (by Sidd Studio)

Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • x20 rental hangars & tie-down spaces various sizes.
  • x4 rental Airline Desks.
  • HMCG Station Base operated by gridnet™ consortium.
  • SLCAP Substation Tsurington, operated by SL Civil Air Patrol
  • AIR Taxi Shuttle Service.
  • Residential Pilot Training School.
  • Mid-sized terminal building with:
    • Passenger Rooftop Viewing Gallery and Café.
    • Shops/vendors.
    • ATC tower building