• Category: Search & Rescue, Fire Rescue, Security, Law Enforcement, CSAR.
  • Region: Raimondo
  • Continent: Sansar

TTi Grid Headquarters located at Raimondo Harbor (ICAO: SLRH).

Blake Sea Ops:

  • Raimondo Harbor

Sanar Ops:

  • ERIA (SLEI) - Security, SAR Station.
  • East River National Park - Fire Rescue Station.

Jeogeot Ops:

  • Nothing at this time


Two Tango's Incorporated (TTi) is a multi-role Para-Military organization, a diverse company offering specialized support across all fields in the virtual world of Second Life. The group is currently engaged in EMS and SAR (Search and Rescue) Operations in the Blake Sea, U.S.S Sims. TTi are also was engaged in CSAR (Combat Search and Rescue) in the Jeogeot Gulf Regions and actively responds to Shergood Aviation ELT's.


The staff in this group are:


Equipment used in this group includes:

  • MH60J
  • Bell 212
  • AH-6i
  • S&W AT802F
  • S&W T410 Interceptor
  • Feral Beast UTV
  • Feral RB-L
  • HD Emergency Fire Apparatus
  • Pro Street Support Vehicles
  • TPF Emergency Vehicles

Pictures of TTi:</p>