VCG Recruit Training Center
  • VCG Recruit Training Center
  • Category: training center
  • Region: Duck.
  • Continent: Sansara.


VCG Recruit Training Center was located in the Duckregion of Sansara. As of October 2017, the facility had been dismantled and land had been resold to private investors.


The staff in this station used to be:

  • VADM Khukuri Masala
  • VADM Shar Bleac
  • CMDR Saraleah Sands
  • LTCMDR Jonsky Foxtrot
  • LTJG Victoria Petrolhead


The equipment of this station was:

  • helicopter training area (x2 helipads)
  • diving training area (ramp down water, sunken vessel, hyperbaric chamber)
  • mini sub training (Explorer Submarine created by hoohaa Anaconda)
  • first aid training
  • training ground
  • firefighter training
  • boating training
  • weapons training