• White Star Airfield Fire Department
  • Category: Airport Fire Department
  • Region: Grayling
  • Continent: North East Nautilus


White Star Airfield Fire Department was the in-house department responsible for fire and rescue services at White Star Airfield, under the direction of Helly (hellfighter.solvang). The station itself is currently occupied by HitCorp International, providing services to White Star, however the standalone Department of that name may return in the future, potentially as a fire-training department working with other organizations.

The building was remodeled in September 2016 to make better use of available space and add an additional bay for the Phoenix Medical Response ambulance that previously parked outside.


The staff in the station are:

  • WSA Airside Manager Samantha Han ( Director Of Emergency Operations)
  • HCI Contractors (Fire Prevention Management & Personnel, Phoenix Medical Response ambulance crews)

Personnel in the department of the same name is currently unknown.


The equipment in this station is:

  • HD Airport 4500 Aerial Fire Truck (06 Brunhilde)
  • HD Airport 3000N Fire Truck (04 Gertrude)
  • Astaro TPF-4 Ambulance
  • FM Defender (General Purpose HCI Patrol Boat available to FP, parked at WSA Docks)
  • HD Heavy Rescue 1 (WSA HR-06; On call as needed)