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Wolf Spirit Regional Airport (ICAO: SLWS) was a public skyport floating 330 meters above the 'Myriaps' region of eastern Gaeta V.

Landing Advisories

  • Free-floating skyport platform at approx 330m elevation. Recommended minimum approach at 335m.
  • Runway landing/takeoff authorized from either direction.


Officially opened October 5th 2014, Wolf Spirit Regional Airport was a small skyport above the 'Myriaps' region. It hosted a single runway and small terminal building. In the terminal building there was a fine dining restaurant called The Wolves Den, rent-able offices on the second floor and airline check-in desks. The control tower was located at the south-west end of the complex.


There are no longer scheduled services to and from Wolf Spirit Regional Airport, as of July 2015.

Facilities and services

Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Avionics vendors.
  • Terminal building with lounge, restaurant, offices & check-in counters.