World Beat Airstrip (ICAO: SLWA) is a short single-runway public skyport floating 499m above the Kandinsky region of far south-east Sansara in South Islandia.

Landing Advisories :

The 61m X 15m single airstrip is located on a platform 499m above the ground, minimum recommended approach 510m. Do not attempt to land flying in from the West side. Approach 90  East ONLY - Take off West 270. Glide slope starts at 67m above runway, giving you a target altitude of 566m to begin descent from 768 meters (3.0 sims away).

Short runway advisory

Type of aircraft : Small aircraft and standard helicopters.

Services :

GTFO Hub provided with a 30 minute auto return.

Fuel pumps for Dani, SA, Terra, DSA and NTBI GFS.

Two Helicopter pads.

Terra skydiving facilities.

Rez and fly a Cheermaster 150 EX Ultralight V1.00