X-clusive Airways is a non-commercial virtual airline in Second Life®. X-clusive was founded by MrJules Sixpence  and Barbara Abadie-Sixpence (barbara09) September 2014 and primarily operates between the mainland continents of Satori, Nautilus, and the Blake Sea.

Independent airline, cofounder of Second Life Travelers group,where we aim to provide quality experience to our passengers


"Luxury comfort professionalism... Welcome to VIP departures, the home of X-clusive Airways. A first class airline which aims to always put the passenger first."
MrJules Sixpence, owner of X-clusive Airways & The Airplane Shop


MrJules Sixpence - owner and senior captain

Barbara Abadie-Sixpence - owner and senior captain

Mickelob Lordhunter - missing manager and senior captain

JasmineHanley - senior captain


Airports in Second Life® served by X-clusive Airways include:

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As of April 2015, the X-clusive Airways fleet includes the following aircraft:

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