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YELLOW AIR TAXI (ICAO': YAT / IATA: YT / Call-sign: YELLTAXI)  YELLOW AIR TAXI is the first air taxi service operating within SecondLife for flights from almost any airport on the Grid. YELLOW AIR TAXI operate small light aircraft that can operate & land on the shortest runways & airports. We are completely operational on donations from passengers & look to offer a quick flight service for  your small group or individual needs. Shout for us in the group Passengers of SL & YELLOW AIR TAXI will be with you asap to take you to your destination choice. YELLOW AIR TAXI is a subsidiary company of Retro Travel Airways.


Specializing in air taxi shuttle flights to destinations that are not serviced by regular airlines. YELLOW AIR TAXI offers non-scheduled flights via the Passengers of SL group and is also available for public and private chartered mainland flights. Airports in Second Life® served by YELLOW AIR TAXI include any mainland accessible airstrip linked to Nautilus, Blake Sea, Corsica & Satori by request of passenger.


Operating out of the charter terminal at Tsurington Aerodrome (west of Nautilus), the airline taxi service came about by request of passengers who were finding it difficult to access smaller airstrips on the mainland regions by other operators who tended to use mainly large airliners or aircraft that were unable to be accommodated on the smaller airstrips due to obstructions and short runways. Founded in 2014.


  • Sweecahcahche Ah (Pilot Officer & CEO)
  • Boots Shamrock (Pilot Officer)
  • Abi Krokus (Pilot Officer)


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